Quattrolinee was born as a group of eclectic designers who experiment in different fields, from graphic design to architecture to design. 
Multidisciplinary figures with a common goal: communication as creative investigation through a methodological approach to design.


We focus on the design world at 360° degrees.
Storytelling, print and digital are our cornerstones.


An ecletic group that design with passion and methodology.
Different skills that come together in continuous experimentation.


The point of strength of any good communication is the sharing of expertise. Quattrolinee's dynamic and flexible structure is able to activate a network of exceptional designers, structured for a better achieving goals.


Quattrolinee thanks everybody that has helped
the studio during this year.

Alessandro Calogero Voto / Marco Catanese / Dajana Stano / Alessandro Guaschino / Christel Martinod / Stefano Druetta / Marco Rossetti / Christian Rubini / Rocco Barbaro / Davide Mugnieco / Andrea Tangolo / Fabio Servolo / Fabrizio Soldano